Robert Barker


Robert Barker is one of the co-founders of Stolon Studio Ltd and an RIBA fellow. He has 20 years experience in architecture, planning and landscape design. He has delivered some unusual and highly innovative architecture, such as the Thames Amphibious House, the prefab Chichester Floating Home, and the flood-resilient property at the BRE park (whilst a director at Baca), as well as Forest Mews and Kaolin Court co-housing and various other schemes. He has developed master-planning and infrastructure projects, in London, Essex, Norwich, Littlehampton, Rochester, South-end, Amsterdam, Dordrecht, and Paris. He has been responsible for numerous projects researching zero-carbon, climate adaptation and flood-resilience; and is now exploring the benefits of multi-generational development. At Stolon he has a growing expertise in complex backland or infill sites. He continues to innovate in each and every architecture project, evolving and exploring new concepts, different materials and working methods in a constant search to create better living and working environments.