Royal Hill

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 Stolon Studio has won a competition to redevelop a sensitive site for Greenwich council. The proposal seeks to create an exemplar environment for adults with learning difficulties to reside alongside the surrounding community. 

Stolon presented two options as part of the competition. Both proposals were designed with a shared community garden space at the heart. This garden is a communal space for residents of the facility to enjoy and where members of the local community can get involved and help to support residents. 

The client and design team will engage with local stakeholders on issues and proposals. It is likely that the design will evolve and be enhanced through this process before being submitted to planning for approval. 

The proposals will be zero carbon, with integrated sustainable drainage. They are likely to be prefabricated to minimise disruption on site and to provide best value for money to the council. 

Stolon Studio is an Architectural firm that specialise in complex backland and infill sites.