• Capturing the value of Biodiversity

    Preserving and nurturing opportunities for biodiversity is critical, not only to combat the effects of climate change, but for social well-being and mental health.

  • Historic Herefordshire barns being restored to former glory

    Re-use and regenerate.  In a year of supply shortages, our approach to this heritage project has been perfectly timed.

  • In Praise of Bricks

    Brick Award Commendation received for Penrose Mews for Stolon’s ingenious use of glazed and unglazed brick commons.

  • by Robert Barker
    COP26 – are we heating up now?

    COP26 – are we heating up now?


  • Fire Safety

    Learning from the mistakes
    Fire Safety

    At present, Planning Authorities do not have to consider fire safety of a building and its occupants when assessing a planning application.

  • Working from Home and Live Work

    In March 2020, the UK government required the population to work from home if possible. This meant that nearly half of the UK workforce did just that. 

  • Delivering Architectural Housing on Small Sites

    A Good Grounding for Bigger and Better Things.

    25% of the London Boroughs are expected to provide around 50% (45-62%) of the entire housing target on small sites.

  • Climate Change - in action
  • A Place of Greater Safety

    Well-being and Mental Health
    A Place of Greater Safety
  • Learning From: Homeschooling

    Architecture Today August Edition 2021
    Learning From: Homeschooling

    Often the efforts we make as parents go unnoticed, hidden away in our homes and played out in gardens, playgrounds, and days out with the family. Similarly unnoticed is the wonderful industry in our schools, colleges, and nurseries. It is often said ‘teaching is a marathon not a sprint’. The quiet rewards are the enjoyment of ‘making a difference’.


  • by Robert Barker
    Albany Mews, GLA/TfL Small Sites
    Albany Mews, GLA/TfL Small Sites
  • Communal Living in Lockdown

    One of the benefits to have come out of the UK lockdown has been the flourishing sense of community experienced by many.

  • Regenerating the Arun Riverside

    Resilient Communities
    Regenerating the Arun Riverside

    Arun Councillors voted to grant planning for a mixed-use regeneration scheme on the edge of the River Arun, in Littlehampton at the end of 2021.  

  • Box-town – kids create an eco-town
  • At Home with Blueprint

    Our first feature in the illustrious Blueprint Magazine - Rusty House, written by Veronica Simpson.

  • Barn House wins 3 RIBA Awards

    Stolon Studio picked up three RIBA Awards for Barn House. Here's what the judges said...

  • The Rusty House

    Stolon Studio transforms neglected back-land site in south London with a cinematic two-storey house.