Icon(ic) Community Spaces

October 20, 2021
Icon(ic) Community Spaces

Jay Merrick reflects on the role of shared spaces in modern #housing, with 'London learns to live with itself'.


I believe that Jay captures the quintessential question with his opening line...  'The city’s booming population has sparked experiments in micro-homes, shared space and co-housing. But how close do we want to get?'


This is a crucial question that has challenged well-meaning architects and their #utopian ideals for decades.


But we are learning.


‘Scale is one of the age-old questions about community,’ says Robert Barker. ‘At what scale is housing self-regulating, and at what scale does it require management? We’re trying to find an optimum scale at which people are able to converse and interact successfully, before it becomes too large and people feel a greater need for more personal space. We believe there’s a ratio between the quasi-public space and the number or scale of units. More research is required.’


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