Meet your Neighbours in the Neighbouryard

October 20, 2021
Meet your Neighbours in the Neighbouryard

Local Councillors commend Stolon Studio's proposals for a new build community of six zero-carbon homes in south London.


Stolon Studio have gained planning on a back-land site for a community of six zero-carbon homes. The ambitious project had the unanimous support from local councillors and planners. The local councillors commended the client, together with the architects, for their skill and dedication in creating an exquisite design. 


Exemplified by the practices other projects (Kaolin court, Forest Mews, Beaconsfield Cottages, Penrose Mews) and a Danish model (Saettedammen, at Ny Hammersholt) evolved and adapted for a British market, this form of housing is changing the way communities start and evolve.


What the Residents say: 


''We feel as though we are a part of something, part of a little community, without compromising on anything. We have private space, a beautiful home, a sustainable building and we get to enjoy with others- through sharing, we have more.''


The design has been carefully considered to provide accessible accommodation for young and elderly residents, or those with impaired mobility. 


Each house opens out onto a boardwalk which runs the length of the site creating a form of shared living while also providing a separate private space to the rear of each dwelling.


The design seeks to create a unique development of timber framed houses. Each house is offset against another within the site. The facade pattern is derived from abstract interpretations of tree canopies. The development will be made Zero Carbon through passive design and renewable energy. This combined with Sustainable Drainage will make the scheme an exemplar development.




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