Back My School

October 20, 2021
Back My School


The government wants all schools to reopen for all children in September. But they are offering no additional financial assistance and it is up to cash strapped schools to do it themselves and make their own decisions how. As a result most schools will be forced to reopen with no distancing measures in place. This will vastly increase the likelihood of coronavirus transmission in the classroom. The government advises that this does not pose substantial risk to children themselves, but it could accelerate the spread of the virus in the wider community or affect the teachers.  If the 8 million school children in the UK begin to spread the virus the chance of a second wave and subsequent lockdown increases significantly.


The economic impact of this could be disastrous.


The more distancing measures that can be achieved in schools the more it should help reduce the risk of a second wave. 


If the government can not help our schools, then how can we?


We have developed a plan to substantially increase space using temporary outdoor structures to provide additional classroom spaces or other flexible facilities.  We identified spare capacity in the events industry for temporary structures, when we approached them with our vision they were willing to offer out their stock at reduced rates to help get children get back to school safely. We have estimated the cost of providing one classroom for 30 students as £25,000 for 1 term, including additional staffing. That is about £100/week per child - £20/day. 


The UK needs our help


In order to fund the classrooms and get children back to school safely, we would be looking to raise funds to help schools hire and run these temporary structures from


· National businesses


· Local businesses


· Parents and philanthropists


If every business in the country was able to contribute just 0.088% of their annual turnover, then every child in the country could return to school without having to compromise on distancing regulations.


We believe there may be an opportunity for discrete sponsorship too, perhaps where funds might have ordinarily gone to other cancelled events.


We are eager to establish donation matching schemes with businesses.. We are of course taking a flexible approach to funding and are open to any suggestions you might have. If you would be interested in contributing to the initiative or have any further questions then please contact us and leave your details using this website:


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